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Dopplr™ Intelligence Anywhere Platform

Analytics play a crucial role in business transformation and it is inevitable to not have a well integrated technology suite which enables businesses to create analytical solutions. Setting up a modern IT infrastructure which caters to the requirement of fast changing business analytic requirements is challenging. Often IT looks at the below questions:

  • Are their analytics infrastructure complete?

  • Are their analytics infrastructure cutting edge and adopts to the latest advancements in the tech world?

  • Are all components of the analytics infrastructure well integrated?

  • How well is the collaboration defined and executed between technologies and businesses?

  • Is it cost optimal to maintain and upgrade the tech stack?

Dopplr™, is the answer to all these questions by providing a platform which is meant to eliminate the need for setting up a modern infrastructure for data and analytics requirements of the organization.

It encapsulates a well-integrated and constantly evolving infrastructure on cloud (AWS/Azure) to provide a seamless and intuitive interface to develop business analytics solutions.


Dopplr™ Modern Data & Analytics Platform, brings new business ideas to life instantly. It helps traverse the journey from business challenges/ideas to real business transformation powered by Data & Analytics.

With Dopplr™ - self service capabilities, businesses can focus more on the execution of insights rather than creating it. Speed-to-Market gets real with Dopplr™ as it accelerates ideation by providing an all-in-one technology platform for quick prototype and easy deployment options which brings the idea to life. All these with a fraction of cost, as Dopplr™ is available in cloud service provider – AWS & Azure where customers pay only for what they use with no upfront expense.

Dopplr™, cloud based solution uses object store and the application is cloud Kubernetes Services. Detailed Architecture diagram of the application is shown above.

Search & Ingestion:

Enterprise Data Catalog: Start your analytics solution right from searching, what data is already available in the organization and how useful it is for the business challenge you are trying to address.

Data preparation: Prepare your data in Dopplr™ workflow by creating solution specific data pipelines. With a wide variety of data ingestion and transformation methods Dopplr™ workflow enables you to transform/blend data for analysis.


Dopplr™ features both No-Code AI/ML and Custom AI/ML provisions for both business and IT users’ persona. With No-Code AI/ML feature users’ can quickly create and deploy prebuilt models on their dataset and enhance their data with AI/ML augmentation.

For more sophisticated IT users Dopplr™ features free hand scripting abilities to all its data assets.


Analytics: Do a detailed exploration on the data assets from Dopplr workspace. Wide options to visualize data helps in better understanding of the users’ data.

Business Storyboarding/dashboard: Create insightful and engaging business stories with charts and visuals created from analytics to organize your findings and share it among peers for better collaboration. Also develop enterprise grade BI dashboard for standardized business metrics consumption.

Business Apps: Use pre-configured/intelligent apps for specific business needs to augment your insights with AI/ML.

​Dopplr™|Value Proposition

​Speed-to-Market - Developing analytics solution in Dopplr is all GUI based and in just a few clicks, customized and sophisticated analytics solutions can be made available to use.

Analytics Collaboration - Build analytics solution as a team. Ideas from peers can be combined to create great business stories and can be shared via Dopplr collaboration feature.

Business - Idea to work with less dependency on IT for data and analytics solutions, businesses can focus more on operationalizing their idea to strategy.

​Fully Managed - Dopplr is a fully managed service with easy setup and minimum administration required from the customers.

High Scalability - Never worry about running out of space. Dopplr provides unlimited storage and compute scalability on a Pay-as-you-go basis.

​Low TCO - Dopplr is based on cloud which ensures you pay for what you use. You save on infrastructure procurement and maintenance cost as well.

​Optimal Utilization - With Dopplr, most of the overheads of infrastructure management is handled by the product itself. This leads to optimal resource.


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