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Power your transformation with Dopplr

Enable Intelligence in every industry, function, and business use case


Real time Analytics to most challenging business questions at scale

Dopplr is an end-to-end business analytics factory that takes the overhead of building, maintaining, and keeping it a cutting edge with a fast-changing technology landscape.

Customer Experience Platforms should enable intelligence on every engagement / touch point of a customer with the product / service leading to improved acquisition, Service and Retention

Business Impact

Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest experience.

In Subscription based businesses, Customers who rated top 2 experience scores would have 74% chance of remaining a member for another year

Use Cases:

Customer Segmentation

Customer Acquisition

Customer Reviews Analysis

NPS Analysis

Optimal Purchase Path

Customer Service(OTIF)

Guest Complaints

Customer Data Platform

Target Personas: CEO | CMO | CSO


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