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Modern data analytics designed for next-gen analytics experience

Unleash performance gains for the scale that your business needs


Analytics for everyone, Intelligence from anywhere

Best-in-class architecture with the benefits of cloud and modern data stack

Intelligent Source Connect

Dopplr provisions smart data connectors which are capable of connecting to all types of data, be it relational, file (structured/semi-structured), or multimedia files.

Intelligence anywhere platform

is the core Dopplr central processing module which holds a unified data lake, data engineering, analytical data store, and then three ways of data consumption via Business intelligence (dashboarding tool), Data service platform and an automated Machine Learning & AI suite.

Intelligent Apps

Dopplr also provides an application studio capable of app(ify) projects developed on Dopplr Core. i.e. create a mobile app with intelligence powered by Dopplr.

Command Centre

Any deployed application on or outside Dopplr can be maintained, monitored, or upgraded via the command center. It also shows the running health of the overall Dopplr platform.

Insights at point of action

Deployed apps of Dopplr which can be planted either on a web application or an edge location

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