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Dopplr Feature Advantage

Automate and simplify Data Analytics lifecycle for faster time to insights


The layers of Dopplr’s platform

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Achieve speed and scale in practice, not just in theory

Infrastructure Layer

Dopplr uses cloud infrastructure for its containerized/Kubernetes deployment. Currently, it can be configured on AWS or Azure cloud.

Data services Layer

Dopplr data service layer is the lakehouse of the Dopplr platform which has an inbuilt distributed TS analytical store for sub-second query performances on data exploration. It also provisions breaking complex data structures into entities and making them searchable via a data catalog.

Analytics Services Layer

Dopplr Analytics services allow users to explore data via a rich reporting engine and automated machine learning

Operations Services Layer

Dopplr Ops layer help productionize all the apps built by the core Dopplr platform. It also has an interface to monitor every deployed app for its performance and effectiveness.

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