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Dopplr™ Intelligence Anywhere Platform

Dopplr is an end-to-end platform for developing a packaged solution that can be deployed anywhere, be it an embedded app or an edge.

Our Story

Dopplr is an all-inclusive platform for preparing solutions for use in the cloud, in embedded apps, and at the network's edge.

Our Vision

Given the growing importance of analytics in the modern business world, our mission is to empower a lightning-fast, highly reliable...


The platform is power packed with high-performance infrastructure (distribute storage & intelligent computing)to enable...

Key Differentiators


Cloud Optimized

But building scalable and futureproof data management and analytics infrastructure which is intuitive enough for business associates to build to drive their processes in the most effective way is always challenging.


Data & Analytics (D&A) is at the core of modern business functions, say it be customer growth, managing partner eco-system, optimizing assets allocation, or keeping a healthy workforce.

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